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Sunday School: 10:00 am
Morning Worship: 11:00 am
Evening Service: 6:00 pm


Kids 4 Truth: 6:45 pm
(during school year)
Prayer Meeting: 7:00 pm

Nursery available at all services.


Church Address

Ferndale Baptist Church
2154 North Center Street, Suite D-403
North Charleston, SC 29406

Phone: 843-744-3307
Fax: 843-737-4861

Our Ministry Relocation


Teamway_banner.jpgWe are eager to relocate to seven and a half acres of beautiful, prime real estate on Foster Creek Road in an expanding section of Hanahan, SC! Our new name will be Foster Creek Baptist Church. We have hired TeamwayBuilders in Greenville to be our builder and construction manager.  

November 18, 2012 - Update
On Sunday night we unveiled the colored renderings of our interior and exterior elevations of our new church auditorium to our church family.  

February 25, 2013 - Update
Today our architect, building committee chairman and pastor met with city officials to present to them our plans for the development of our new property and to obtain other important our architect needed. The meeting went extremely well and it was very encouraging to see God give us another obvious green light to relocate our ministry to the new property we own debt-free. The meeting ended with their statment of how excited they were to have us move to the new property. They were impressed and very pleased with the overall plans for development: some minor tweeks may need to be made. Once construction documents are ready, they want to review them again. We are targeting a date of June 30, 2013 for document submission. So far we are still on track with the goal of breaking ground this October. We thank the Lord for answered prayer today.

June 10, 2013 - Update
Tomorrow night we plan to meet with our architect and review the construction drawings he has been working on for phase one development. The Lord continues to clear obstacles and to give us a continued "green light" to proceed with our relocation effort. We are on target for submission of construction drawings to the City of Hanahan by June 30. It is exciting to see the progress being made and the Lord's work in our behalf!

June 27, 2013 - Update
Exciting news today....The architect has dropped off a set of construction plans for Foster Creek Baptist! He is on his way now to City Hall to drop off another copy of construction plans and all the needed paper work so that we come in under IBC 2006 for phase 1 construction. Thank the Lord this deadline was met! The Lord continues to move His ministry forward! Soli Deo Gloria.

October 7, 2013 - Update
Due to the government shutdown, the US Army Corps of Engineers has been unable to complete their work on the wetlands verification for our property. We also await rullings on our desire to mitigate one of the wetland areas on the property. Once they have completed their work, civil engineering can complete its work so that various agencies can review our plans for development of the new property. We believe everything outside our direct control is in the will of God: His timing is always best and right. We believe He works all things out for our good and His eternal glory (Romans 8:28). So we patiently wait for His continued direction as we eagerly look forward to relocating the ministry.

November 1, 2013 - Update
The US Army Corps of Engineers has been able to resume work on our project. Hopefully we can obtain favorable rulings from them soon so that civil engineering can be completed.  Our goal is to have all loose ends tied up and ready for various local and state agencies to review our construction plans by December 27.

December 16, 2013 - Update
We have obtained the rulings we needed from the Army Corps and now we expect to have all our civil engineering and site plan layout completed for review by City Officials on December 27. Once all the local and state agencies have given their approval to our plans then it will be time to start pulling permits and developing our new property!

December 23, 2013 - Update
Civil Engineering plans were submitted to Building & Codes at City Hall today. We are happy to have met this deadline. Now various agencies will be reviewing our plans to see if they meet with their approval. If any changes need to be made, they will have to be addressed and resubmitted for review. The relocation project marches forward!

February 28, 2014 - Update
Our phase 1 development project is still on hold pending land development review by local and state agencies. Any requested changes are being made by engineers and our architect. God's timing in the relocation effort is always best.

June 8, 2014 - Update
Tonight in our business meeting our church voted to sell our campus to a prospective buyer contingent upon the securing of acceptable financing. We are awaiting a decision from our lender and hope to have it soon. The prospective buyer would like to have a closing date of September 1 at which time we would have to vacate. We will be announcing our new temporary location for worship services near that time. We are drawing one step closer to moving!

July 21, 2014 - Update
Today we received great news from our lender! We have been approved for financing for the phase one project. The Lord continues to give us green lights as we pursue the relocation effort and what we believe to be His plan for this ministry. We are looking at going into contract soon with a prospective buyer. We will announce a closing date with our buyer when we know it. Thank the Lord for His direction! Soli Deo Gloria.

August 15, 2014 - Update
We received word tonight from our realtor that our prospective buyer has agreed to our terms and late this afternoon signed the sales agreement to purchase our campus: we are now officially under contract with them and the due diligence period has begun! In time, Lord willing, we will be changing our ministry name to Foster Creek Baptist Church as we replant the ministry in the Tanner Plantation area of Hanahan, SC. Our plan is to hold worship services in a temporary location just a couple of miles from our new property while we await construction on the phase 1 project.

This is certainly a great answer to prayer and we thank the Lord for His goodness to continue giving us a green light on the relocation effort. We are thankful for the many hours and for all the hard work that our leadership team has invested into this effort so far. We have great servants of the Lord working to advance the church’s best interests. Soli Deo Gloria!

September 30, 2014 - Update
This morning our pastor and deacon chairman met with our closing attorney and the pastor of the church that will be purchasing our campus to iron out specific details regarding the transfer of ownership and temporary use of our facilities after closing. There will be an amendment made to our sales agreement that should make for a smooth closing on Monday afternoon, October 20! 

October 5, 2014 - Update
Very thankful for the Lord's blessing and continued answers to prayer! He continues to give us a green light for the relocation effort. Tonight our congregation voted unanimously to accept the negotiated offer and terms for a lease arrangement while we await the construction of our phase 1 project! We are now 15 days from closing with our prospective buyer. These are exciting times for us!

October 22, 2014 - Update
At 7:35 pm tonight (Wednesday) our pastor received a text message from the pastor of the church purchasing our campus that all the paperwork has been signed and the closing has been officially completed. Rutledge Ave. Church of Christ (n/k/a Harvest Pointe Church of Christ) is now the official owner of our former campus.  

Many thanks to all those who worked so hard for so many weekends preparing for the closing and for those who did their best to come work as their schedules permitted. The teamwork and hard work paid off.

Many thanks to the Lord for bringing us to this point for which we all have waited so long—some of us longer than others! Nonetheless, we praise the Lord for His goodness. Now we also look to His greatness for the future during this time of transition to our new temporary facilities and the construction of our phase 1 project and its completion. 

This Sunday we have our worship services in the Social Hall at the regular times. All children's and teen Sunday School classes will meet in the first floor wing of our Educational Building. Those on our church's email list will receive detailed information regarding the schedule for this coming Lord's Day services. Our goal is to start services in our temporary facility on Sunday, November 2. Soli Deo Gloria!

October 31, 2014 - Update
Renovation has taken a little longer than expected. Our normal Sunday schedule of events will take place this coming Sunday, November 2, in our formerly owned educational building and Social Hall. The flooring crew should complete their work in our new location by this coming Tuesday afternoon and our move-in should be next week. November 9 is now the target date for holding our first worship service in our new temporary facility. The address is 2154 North Center Street, Suite D-403, North Charleston. Our suite is located behind the tall First Citizens Bank building on Ashley Phosphate Road near Rivers Avenue. Come join us as we worship the Lord!

November 26, 2014 - Update
Our pastor received word today that we would need to have our construction drawings updated to reflect the new IBC 2012 regulations. Our construction drawings had been submitted under the IBC 2006 guidelines. This additional delay should hopefully not deter us from our goal of breaking ground this summer.

January 18, 2015 - Update 
In our annual business meeting, our congregation was informed of the status of our building project. Unfortunately, because of recent developments, the new regulations have put the phase 1 project out of reach for us financially. It was actually cheaper for us to hire a new architect to start over with a fresh design that conforms to IBC 2012 codes than it was to pay our former architect and engineers to bring our phase 1 project up to the new codes. So the church voted to hire a new architect who would deliver a new concept to us.

February 17, 2015 - Update
Our building committee meets soon to review the initial concept of our phase 1 project that a new architect has delivered to us. 

April 19, 2015 - Update
Our committee has approved the initial concept of the layout of the phase 1 building and the exterior elevation. As soon as we obtain permission from the architect, we will be glad to post pdfs of the project so you can see what our new building will look like. Our pastor's goal is to break ground late July or early August this year. Let's see how the Lord directs.

May 3, 2015 - Update
The Schematic Design is nearing completion and we are launching a twelve month Capital Campaign to raise some additional funds for our phase 1 construction project. Details can be seen in the following pdf document:
Capital Campaign Announcement

September 11, 2015 - Update
Our architects and engineers are working on our construction drawings for our phase 1 project and hope to have them completed by the end of this month. Then our building committee will review them to request any changes that might be necessary. Hopefully by the end of next month we should be ready to have them submitted to local agencies for their review, approval and then hopefully permitting will be granted. We are eager to see the development of our new property!

December 31, 2015 - Update
This afternoon our architect notified us that the construction drawings for phase 1 are now completed! The long-awaited day has finally arrived! Now our building committee will need to review them; once approved then our builder submits them to the City of Hanahan for their review and permitting. There are a number of other steps that need to be taken before we can break ground but that day is hopefully coming very soon!

February 7, 2016 - Update
The pre3D_Exterior_Elevation.jpgvious week our architect sent us the artist's 3D colored rendering of our new church building, our phase 1 project. In today's Sunday bulletin, copies of the rendering were given to our congregation. (Click on the thumbnail to the left to see an enlarged view of the rendering.) We continue to work through a number of details to get ourselves ready for a ground breaking that we hope will be this late Spring. Our goal this month is to transition to our new ministry name, Foster Creek Baptist Church. Paperwork has been submitted to the SC Sec. of State. We hope to hear back from them soon.

March 24, 2016 - Update
Late this afternoon we received notification from the SC Secretary of State's office that our application to change our ministry name has been accepted: we can now begin operating as Foster Creek Baptist Church! Now we begin taking care of the numerous details associated with the name change. Thus another step towards our relocation of the ministry has been accomplished!

May 25, 2016 - Update
Today we had our construction drawings for our phase 1 project submitted to Building and Codes for their review, approval, and permitting! Today our pastor met the construction manager Teamway Builders has assigned to us. The ball is rolling forward!

June 15, 2016 - Update
Today the proposed timeline for the bond issue that Share Financial Services has given to us was finalized. Right now the goal is to submit our prospectus to the SC Securities Commission on July 1 for their review, clearance and registration of the bond program. Once they give us "the green light" then we can close with Share Financial and we can begin developing our new property. If all goes according to plan, we are looking at having a ground breaking ceremony in early August, Lord willing!

August 22, 2016 - Update
What a momentous week it was last week! We are truly thankful for God's providential intervention in our church's behalf. This past week not only did we complete the sales of the first part of our bond program but we also received approval from Hanahan Building and Codes to proceed with the development of our property! Today Teamway Builders begins obtaining bids from contractors to clear land for our phase one development. Since our property is heavily forested, we will need to have some space cleared first so that we can have a ground breaking ceremony. We will announce what date this will be as soon as we are able to do so. Soli Deo Gloria! We are looking forward to this history making move as we are eager to replant the ministry in Hanahan! We continue to pray that God does a work for which only He can take credit.

September 8, 2016 - Update
Today the pastor and deacon chairman met at our attorney's office to sign paperwork on the closing with Share Financial. Teamway continues to work hard obtaining bids from trade contractors and has given them a date of September 16 as a target date to have them submitted. Once bids are all received, then our building committee will review them and select the ones to do the various jobs required. Once a trade contractor is selected to clear the land, then our job has to be put onto their work schedule. Teamway's Director of Construction has told our pastor that it might be the end of October before clearing of the site actually takes place. Once we have some space on the property on which to gather, we will be able to hold a ground breaking ceremony.

November 4, 2016 - Update
Great news! We signed contracts to begin work on our new property! Today a surveyor is on site to map the area and to prepare it for the clearing of 4.6 of our 7.5 acres for phase 1 development. Lord willing, clearing of the land begins the week of November 14. Praise the Lord that a long awaited goal is finally becoming a reality! Pictures of our progress in development will be available at either our church's Facebook page or our Instagram page.

November 18, 2016 - Update
The silt fence has been installed for erosion control and the inspection has passed! The clearing of the land is scheduled to begin first thing Monday morning, November 21! We can certainly be thankful for that and praise the Lord for the exciting launch of our phase 1 project!

December 23, 2016 - Update
4.6 acres of land have been cleared and a surveyor has returned to map out the precise locations where the future parking lot and auditorium will be. Grading is supposed to start the first week of January 2017. It's exciting to see the progress of our phase 1 project! Photos and videos updates can be seen on our church's Facebook page by clicking on "Photos" and "Videos."

To keep up with any upcoming announcements that may need to be made, click on "News and Events" on our homepage and then "Announcements" or click here. 

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